Editors’ Letter: Harvest 2020

"Sundown." — Ruth Kirchmeier

Hello Islanders, 

This is our final print issue of Edible Vineyard magazine this year. Because we think that one way or another, we all need it, we focus on health: Brittany Bowker writes about the power of foods that boost immunity and taking control of our health; Laura Roosevelt describes the nutritious mushrooms she finds walking in the woods surrounding her house. (And beautiful! See Fae Kontje-Gibbs’ gorgeous illustrations.)

Tina Miller felt a lot better last spring after she filled her backyard with chickens that are now giving her the best eggs she’s ever eaten. 

And Anne and Julianne Vanderhoop share their love of feeding their fellow Islanders (with some great storytelling thrown in). 

As we head into another winter of unknowns it will be more important than ever to keep our health and our spirits up. It’s not hard to look at what we can do for our physical health — eat well, get real rest, get exercise. But it’s often harder, especially with everything going on in our nation and the world, to look around at all we have on Martha’s Vineyard and be content with that — this Island, our bounty, our clean air and water. 

Right now we need to take a collective breath and consider how we can do more than care for ourselves: To support our local farmers, get some wonderful takeout once a week to keep local restaurants alive, order from your local stores, instead of going online. Ask neighbors if they need firewood, grocery shopping, or just a conversation.

Happy harvest season, with gratitude, 

Tina Miller and Jamie Kageleiry