Beasts of burden

Draft horses are true team players, worker bees of the hooved variety.

Nip 'N Tuck Farm Belgian draft mares and their foals. —Sadie Dix

Draft horses are one of the gentle giants of the animal kingdom. Tall, muscular, statuesque, strong, mellow, patient, and sweet could all be used to describe the draft horse. With around 20 different breeds recognized worldwide, these beasts of burden are built for pulling and hauling.  Draft horses are team workers often seen in pairs. At Nip ‘N Tuck Farm in West Tisbury, two of their Belgian mares had foals this past summer, which has given us a reason to pull over and admire these beautiful babies grazing with their attentive mothers nearby. There are, no doubt, big plans ahead for the long-legged, big-kneed youngsters. For now, the foursome — mares and foals — graze and frolic in one of up-Island’s most picturesque rural views.

Nursing foal at Nip ‘N Tuck Farm —Sadie Dix