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Editors’ Letter: Early Summer 2022

Editors’ Letter: Early Summer 2022
The garden behind the market has beautiful flowers and produce. —Tina Miller

Dear Edible Vineyard readers:

We’re kicking off 2022 with exciting news — we’ll be publishing four issues of Edible Vineyard this year, in May, July, October, and December! That means more stories, more food, more drink, and more people to meet.

Putting together this first Edible Vineyard of the year has been a real labor of love. We met farmers and chefs, learned a bit about concocting local brews, and brought back the days of fish spotting off of Georges Bank. Stories that touch on what matters in our community really come to the forefront in Mollie Doyle’s piece on the housing shortage and what it means to our Island chefs, restaurant workers, and farmers. We learned a lot in this issue and we hope you do too.

Most of all, we are grateful for the resilience of the Island community, reopening to what the new normal will be this year with challenges and successes ahead. And we are definitely ready!

Tina Miller and Connie Berry