Editors’ Letter: Harvest Season 2019

Ghost Island farm has over 150 varieties of tomatoes, like these colorful cherry tomatoes. —Edible Vineyard

With Edible Vineyard, it’s truly a group effort down here at The MV Times office on Vineyard Haven Harbor. Most of our Times reporters and editors have contributed features. Even our ad sales staff — in addition to making sure the advertisers who want to be in Edible are in here — have written stories in this or other issues. We have a team of two proofreaders who make us look good, and we even corral publishers Peter and Barbara Oberfest to look at covers and spreads. When Tina cooks something for us all to try, there’s always staff-wide approval. 

So, thank you, all! 

Other than the season of orange, gold, and brown, we have in this issue a theme of sorts: those Islanders who have found their own unique (some might say quirky) ways to give us good food: Susan Branch, Rusty Gordon, Raymond and Jaime Schilcher, Christian Walter, Lynne Irons, Jefferson Munroe, Joan Nathan, and more. 

— Tina Miller and Jamie Kageleiry