Laurie David’s garden

—Illustration by Kate Feiffer

How long have you had a garden, and how has that changed how you eat?

At first the garden was small, filled with a few raised beds — an overgrown patch of mint and invasive lemon balm. Within a year it had doubled in size. Within two years it leaped across the path, and today I have what I call a small garden and a big garden! 

One of my greatest pleasures is having visitors to the garden, especially those under the age of 10. There is always something for them to pull out of the ground and be amazed by! Potatoes are particularly fun for kids to dig for. 

When you garden, you eat what is ready, and it teaches you to be in sync with the seasons. I know when blueberries or tomatoes are in season and now I would never eat or buy them out of season. Also my garden is organic and that has become a core value for me for what I eat.  

Laurie David is a producer whose current film, “The Biggest Little Farm,” can be seen in theaters across the country. She lives in Los Angeles and Chilmark.