Editors’ Letter: High Summer 2019

Regenerative Farming for EV, IGI farm hub, Bettlebung Farm —Randi Baird

As we head into August, food grown on the Island is in full bloom, and will flourish deep into the fall. For our High Season issue, we take a deep dive in regenerative agriculture, an approach to farming that focuses on the rehabilitation of the soil, enriching the biodiversity and the ecosystems. With natural composting and patience, the soil will become rich with nutrients overall more productive.

Those crisp tilled dark brown rows of dirt surrounding symmetrical plantings are now filled with a cover crop, and at a glance, there may be no clear definition between cabbage and cover crop.

This is another example of the diversity of farmers we have on the Island — not only good at growing and producing food but who are innovators pushing us forward (or in this case, backwards) at a time when our planet could use the slowdown. 

We have a few other ways to slow down: corn off the cob, Beth Larsen’s stuffed lobster, Todd Christy’s cold brew, and Chilmark Tavern’s boozeless cocktails. All while we contemplate this question: Will there or won’t be chocolate in Chilmark next year?

Tina Miller and Jamie Kageleiry