Editors’ Letter: Off-Season 2022-2023

European-inspired savory pizzelles. —Johnny Miller

After relaunching Edible Vineyard in 2019, this is the first year we are adding a fourth issue, Off Season. This is a coveted time of year on the Island because it gives us a chance to rest and to reboot. To look ahead and map out the next season. To hunker down and cook comforting meals. To go to or host potlucks. Our first Off Season issue is packed with recipes. 

Catherine Young, writer, cook, and collaborator on Chris Fisher’s James Beard award-winning “The Beetlebung Farm Cookbook,” interviews Claudia Fleming about her gorgeous new cookbook, “Delectables,” just published by Random House. We feel grateful to share this interview and a few yummy recipes. Also in this issue, we join our own Mollie Doyle who loves cooking with her daughter Emma. She shares some of her vegetarian favorites to cook at home any night of the week.

Geoff Currier meets up with Island favorite musician, fisherman, and mason, Johnny Hoy. 

Lucas Thors dives deep into the off-season when Island hunters rejoice and head into the woods and fields with a passion for venison and harvesting locally. Not only is hunting rewarding, but it allows them to fill their freezers for the winter. The hunters are also helping to keep down the Island’s deer population, since they really face no predators except automobiles._

Gina Solon returns to Edible, featuring some recipes cooked on the Whiting Farm with her husband Davis Solon and his aunt and uncle, Allen and Lynne Whiting.

This all sounds like a lot for Off Season, but if you think about the opposite season, the summer season on the Island, this feels pretty relaxed. So pull up to the fire, cook some beautiful meals, and enjoy these moments with friends and family. And don’t forget to breathe that cool crisp air.

Tina Miller and Connie Berry